Been Served

He came into Buzzy’s Country Store a few months back, approached the counter and asked me if I was J. Scott Ridgell.  After I answered yes he plopped the following card on the counter and proclaimed “I am a process server and you’ve just been served.”

As I looked his card over and wondered what the hell this was all about, my “server” smiled and said “By the way, my son Clarke says to say hello.”

Turns out that he was my friend Clarke Guy’s father and had recently been out in Texas visiting Clarke.  He went on to tell me that he was also out in Texas on business serving someone and stopped in to see Clarke and his wife Claudia.  We talked about a number of things and he stayed for quite awhile catching up with everyone in Buzzy’s at the time.  Kim Wiley took this picture of us:

Photo by Kim Wiley

As stated, this occurred a couple months ago.  I had completely forgotten about it until this recent churn over one Congressman trying to serve another Congressman with a subpoena for his actions on January 6th (click here.) 

After not being able to serve the Congressman here in D.C., the process server eventually served his wife at their home in Alabama.  In turn, the Congressman and wife have recently had an arrest warrant issued against the process server for trespassing on their property  click here.  

Because the process server lives in Atlanta, they are now going to need a process server to serve the process server.  I’d recommend Mr. Al Guy for the job, but don’t think he would really be interested. 

I know that I’ve played this tune and video a couple times previously, but anytime I run into someone named Al, it pops into my head.  (For some reason, the line “don’t want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard” (00:25 mark) always cracks me up.) 

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