I Really Am Trying Real Hard However

The other day as I discussed one of my many character flaws, I thought to quote Samuel Jackson as Jules near the end of the movie Pulp Fiction.  After seeing him kill a couple folks earlier in the movie just after he quotes from the Bible, in the scene I recalled he has a change of mind  and says something to the effect that he is trying real hard to be a better person.  

I found the scene I was looking for, but soon learned that he didn’t exactly say “I’m trying to be a better person.”  Instead, he notes that he is trying to be the shepherd he discusses in a Bible quote about evil and weak men and how to deal with them.  

Here’s the classic scene where he repeats the Bible verse Ezekiel 25:17 for the 3rd time in the movie – only this time he does not blow his victim away.  He really was trying to be a better person see, even if he didn’t say those exact words. 

I then elected to google the Ezekiel 25:17 Bible quote and maybe paraphrase that in my comments.  However, I found that Jules’ Bible quote cited as Ezekiel 25:17 was NOT a Bible quote after all.  It really was pulp fiction – get it?  

While the actual Ezekiel 25:17 quote does talk about the Lord and his vengeance, it does not go into all that other mumbo jumbo that Jules quotes as some cool shit to say to someone “before I popped a cap into his ass.”  For more info on the Ezekiel quote and to read it (click here.)
So, after learning that not only did I have Jules’ quote wrong about being a better person but also his Bible quote was b.s. too, I decided to just forget about quoting Jules on ridding myself of my racist ways.  Which leads me to conclude that maybe I should just make up my own Bible quote about all this!

Lee Carroll’s birthday today, so ride down to Buzzy’s Country Store around 2 p.m. and wish him a good one.  Crash the party!

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