Always Bet the Gray

I was having lunch yesterday with my buddies Robby and Charlie at the Green Turtle where there are a zillion T-V’s tuned to different sports channels.  The T-V closest to the table we were seated at featured live horse racing from England showing races at the famous  Royal Ascot.   This is England’s premiere racing event that only runs for a week annually in Berkshire.  Yesterday was the opening day of the event.

Her Majesty always attends the opening day but missed doing so yesterday following her busy weekend of entertaining some Americans who dropped in to visit her (click here.)  The old gal however, is expected to make an appearance later in the week as she has a couple horses running at Ascot.  Of note is the fact that yesterday marked the first time in her 69 year reign that the Queen has ever missed Ascot’s opening day.  That’s a Ripken-esque record that will never be broken.

As we were awaiting our lunch, I spotted a gray horse among the group making its way to the gate for the next race which was dubbed the Ascot Stakes.  I commented to Robby and Charlie how my Grandfather Harry Raley would always bet any gray in any race.  “Always bet a gray” I can still hear him say.  I followed up telling Robby and Charlie how I have lost a lot money betting on gray horses thru the years following my Grandfather’s advice.     

As the waitress delivered our burgers, the race commenced and somewhere along the line Robby asked me how the gray was doing.  I laughed and said something to the effect that Harry was wrong again because the gray, while  not quite in last place, was very close to it.   

However, something kinda exciting happened at the end of the 2 mile long race.  I looked up to see the gray, named  MC Muldoon …. well have a look for yourself (4:15 mark.)  

Later today, I will have the Royal Ascot on T-V at Buzzy’s Country Store.  Stop in and see if any other grays will continue to disprove my Grandfather Harry’s advice and theory to always bet on them.  

The Beatles’ s shortest song was never one of  my favorites by them.  However, thru the years it has grown on me to the point that now I don’t mind and even like hearing it.  Hell to get old and have your musical tastes mellow on you isn’t it?

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