Two Upcoming Events

Twofer Tuesday and here are a couple events for you to put on your calendar. Best of all – both are free!

This Friday night St. Mary’s College will present the concert that Rich Brewer was instrumental in organizing.  Accordingly, and rightfully so, the concert is in his honor.

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And next Saturday a week (26 June) Buzzy’s will take you back in time with our Somethings Old Day.  (Note that for lack of a better title, I called it Family Heirloom Day.  However, it is not limited to “heirlooms” per se as you are welcomed to bring any old thing you have that is worth showing off.)

Note that unlike the College’s Blues Fest, the Buzzy event will NOT be livestreamed!  You will just have to be there in person.

And speaking of attending events, here is my nomination for one of the worst songs ever recorded.  Having said that however, I still think of saying something like this to visitors and friends who surprise me when the drop into Buzzy’s.  I still don’t know why I do so.  I do recall my Mom saying it to unexpected company who would stroll back into our living area when we lived behind the store.  Mom was being sarcastic when she said it though, because she really didn’t like folks just bopping in on us.  Maybe that negative association has stuck with me all these years.  Here’s more info on  this song.

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