Driving to Buzzy’s Country Store the other day and doing some radio channel surfing, I landed on WPTX FM 100.7.  My first thought was “Wow, PTX is still around.”  My second thought was “How’d did they end up on FM radio?”  During one of their promo announcements, I heard the DJ proclaim that they were 1690 AM and 100.7 FM.  

All of which got me curious about the origins and history of WPTX.  Thanks to Jason Babcock there is this excellent Enterprise article written by him in 2014 on the origins of radio stations in St. Mary’s County (click here.)

Jason notes how Jack Daugherty started WPTX in 1953 and even hosted a morning show titled Happy Jack in the Morning.  This is excerpted from Jason’s article:

I guess I got to do some more research on just who hosted the Gramps Country Store Show.  You might know that a country store played a role in all this wouldn’t you?

Back to Jack, initially I didn’t recognize his theme Syncopated Clock by its title.  However, once I heard it I thought “What show was it NOT the theme of in the 50’s?”

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