Biden and Biracial Couples at Buzzy’s

I had a biracial couple stop in Buzzy’s Country Store yesterday and got to talk to them for several minutes.  The guy had been to Pt. Lookout many years ago as a kid camping with his folks.  He told me how he wanted to show it to his girlfriend along with make a visit to the Store he remembered “with the old man and the dog” i.e. Buzzy and Bruno.  

I learned that they have been dating for two years and met thru an online dating site.  While the guy continued reminiscing and telling me about his childhood times spent at Pt. Lookout, I debated asking them about Biden’s recent T-V commercial comments.  (In case you missed it here is what Joe had to say about interracial couples and he is now getting some flack for having done so (click here. 


Ironically enough, I had started composing a blogpost on the subject of interracial T-V commercials awhile back but gave up doing so mostly because it made me sound more racist than I am.  (Full disclosure – I am completely aware of my racist character flaws and I work very hard to try and overcome and correct those thoughts when they do pop into my Ridge boy brain.  That old saying about one never being able to rise above his/her raising may have some relevance here.)  Bottom line is that I ultimately gave up trying to say something interesting about biracial T-V commercials and here Biden beats me to it.

But back to my couple in the Store.  They spotted the photo of me shaking hands with Governor Hogan and the guy noted how he is a body guard and chauffeur for one of Mrs. Hogan’s friends.  Conversationally then I was at a crossroads of wanting to learn more about them as an interracial couple and also wanting to find out more about just whom he was a bodyguard for. 

Unfortunately another couple came in the Store at that very moment and my first visitors said so long and left.  I’m hoping that they make a return visit to Buzzy’s so I can talk to them some more.

The following song may or may not be in order and if it comes across as semi-racist of me for posting it, I apologize.  However, in my defense, it’s getting kinda tough to tell just what is and what isn’t racist anymore.  (One small criticism of the video here is that despite the song having a kick ass bass line, not once does the camera focus on the bass player.  Now if he was black…..)  

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