Eats All Around

Buckets of rain pouring down, but you can still go out and get something to eat in Ridge.

Mike Ridgell’s Baymart is open from 5:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

(6) Ridgell’s Baymart | Facebook

Rain or shine, Noli’s in Ridge Market has Italian cuisine and features the following:

(6) Noli’s | Facebook

Pier 450 also doesn’t care if it’s raining as noted in their post for yesterday:
(6) Pier450 Restaurant, Boutique Motel & Shop | Facebook

The Sons of the American Legion are doing their Steak Night tonight:

And as always Tommy and Julie can serve you the freshest seafood around:

Courtney’s Seafood Restaurant (

Sunday the KoC is having their take out chicken dinner.

If all that eating isn’t your thing, there is a little Country Store just down the road.  It doesn’t have much in the way of foodstuffs, but does have plenty of other things to make your boat float drink wise.

Speaking of food offerings in Country Stores, I saw this for sale in Cooksey’s Country Store up in La Plata.  Not sure I can go for that.

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