Nice Card From Some Nice Folks

A lady named Elke and her husband dropped into Buzzy’s Country Store a few weeks ago and after I explained to them my bi-polar operation of being a quiet Country Store during the day that turns into a Redneck Bar around 4 o’clock, they laughed and said they’d be back at 4.  

Sure enough, they returned around 4, grabbed a couple drinks and pulled up a stool.  Evidently they enjoyed their Buzzy visit very much because I received this nice card from Elke in the mail the other day.

I too am glad that they stopped by. 

Speaking of stopping by, check out this Sarasota street performer who has a drop in visit from someone who….. well watch for yourself.  (He takes a few minutes composing the tune and that is worth watching as to how he does that on the spot so quickly.  However, if you don’t care about all that and just want to catch where things kick into high gear, go to the 5:00 mark of the video and start watching there.)

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