Buzzy Heirloom Day Followup.

The first Buzzy Heirloom Day went well as several folks brought and displayed a number of items.  For example here is Rita Murphy showing her Blue Willow China set that she received as a Christmas present when she was a young girl.  Note that it’s all still in the same box.  Rita says she preserved it all these years by not letting her sisters play with any of it.

Several other interesting items were brought down by different folks.  Of sentimental value for me was Jimmy Cooper bringing an old wood cook stove top lid lifter that belonged to my Grandmother Miss Hattie.   My son Brady brought down this Nazi dagger that my former father in law Bill Raftery picked up when he was a young solder fighting over in Germany in the WW2.

My thanks to Bob Williams (shown here talking to Brother Billy Fitzgerald) for suggesting this Family Day event and all his efforts to talk it up and help organize it.   

Bob Showing Jerry Kiger the Coveralls His Grandpappy Gave Him 

Music-wise Rita Moreno at 89 years young is still around and back in the news.  She not only has a documentary out but also has recently caused a dust up over something she said and later apologized for.  (It’s too complicated (and stupid) for me to explain so (click here) if you’re interested in that churn.)  Of more importance, at least to me, is that Rita is one of only 16 folks to have ever won all four of the EGOT awards.  She won her Emmy for this performance on the Muppets and didn’t have to apologize for it!

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