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The other day someone in Buzzy’s Country Store asked whether or not we have a Coroner’s Office here in the County.  Turns out that it was not really a serious question but rather a setup for a joke as the person posing the question explained “Cause I’m thinking about knocking off my old lady and want to bribe the coroner to make sure he will say it was an accident.”  (Such is the way some of my Buzzy folks joke around.  At least, I think that they were joking.  Gotta admit however, that it did make me stop and think – wonder if and how frequently bribing a coroner like that has actually happened?) 

Moreover, it brought up a memory for me about a 1999 movie Random Hearts some of which was filmed here at Pax River.  This is from IMDB’s discussion of Random Hearts:
Random Hearts (1999) – IMDb

Pax was only featured very briefly in the film.  However, the reason my Buzzy friend’s reference to the County’s Coroner Office made me think of Random Hearts has to do with the following scene.  Listen to the reporter on T-V  near the end where she makes reference to the St. Mary’s County Coroner.  

I remember seeing the movie back then and when I heard that reference to our Coroner it made me wonder “We have a Coroner in the County?”   

Random Hearts is available on Prime for a couple bucks and while a little draggy in places does keep your attention.  Music-wise one of the film’s reviewers had this to say about the soundtrack:

For the lover of music, Dave Grusin provides a superb Jazz based background, featuring trumpeter Terrence Blanchard. Like the actors, Grusin shows why he is one of the most sought musical consultants in the movie business. Blanchard shows why he’s one of the premiere trumpeters on the scene.  

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