Coney Market Pt. 2 – Who Won?

A few weeks back, I did a Buzzyblog post about the winning $700 million Powerball number being sold at a country store in Lonaconing, Maryland.  And because Maryland allows Lottery winner(s) to remain anonymous, nobody really knows just who won the big bucks.  (For that blogpost click here.) 

Well, yesterday’s Washington Post ran a front page story  (click here) on how the town, its folks and the store’s owner are trying to deal with a slew of out-of-towners looking for a piece of the pie.  Ah yes, just maybe the most powerful scent of them all – the smell of money! 

The article discusses how gold diggers from all over are visiting the small town of Lonaconing trying to get in touch with the Lottery winners and hit them up.  

The store owner who sold the winning ticket is being pestered by people wanting to know who it was who won.  The article concluded with Mr. Ravenscroft saying the following: 

Nice that Mr. Ravenscroft, who received a $100,000 for selling the winning ticket, has seen an uptick in his business even if he has to put up with pesky people wanting something for nothing!  He also was able to upgrade his store’s kitchen and re-do his store front as can be seen here in these before and after photos:

All of which makes me re-think whether or not Buzzy’s Country Store should sell Lottery tickets.  Guess you can say that I got a whiff of that scent.  Can’t you smell that smell?

Nice little Dad’s Day tune for you here:

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