CSN&Y – Treat Your Bandmates Well

Here’s a video Twofer (maybe even a Three-fer) Tuesday for you.  

Forget all that Mid-East churn and this silly “non-bipartisan” bickering, a really important throw down that has occurred recently was among the CSN&Y fellas.

It all started a few weeks ago when CBS Sunday Morning did a story on them  celebrating the classic Deja Vu album that they released in 1969.  As you watch the video here, key on Graham Nash’s discussion at the 2:00 mark.  He mentions “interviewing” Neil Young about why they should let him join them.  After hearing Neil’s response to Graham, then check out the next video to see why Neil knew what he was talking about.

Go to the 2:45 mark:

As for CSN&Y reuniting to do a mega bucks farewell tour in the future, any bets that once Benjamin, as in Franklin on the $100 bill, sits everyone down and talks some “cents” to the four of them, they WILL learn a way to “carry on” and make peace with one another?! 

My favorite song from Deja Vu (and also in my Top 10 Favorite song list) is the following.  I always think of it when I look in my mirror and see a police car!

P.S. – You may want to take me up on my bet that they will reunite as Neil Young was fairly emphatic a few years back when he told Howard Stern that it will “never in a million years” happen (click here.) That said, I’m still betting on Ben.

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