The Center

This past Sunday on CBS’ Sunday Morning show they did a feature on the center of North America.  Great story with a surprising conclusion of sorts that I won’t give away.  (Note however, that I was rooting for the Hanson’s Bar folks to be declared the center, but check it out for yourself to see how it all went down.)

It got me wondering just where is the center of St. Mary’s County? Here is what I came up with when I Googled just that:

Next, I putzed around the County’s GIS map(s) and ultimately landed on this spot in Wildewood which correlated to the above coordinates.

Hi-lited Area Marks Coordinates’ Location

Not sure if I did all this correctly but lemme know if you got any suggestions.  All I know for sure is that Buzzy’s Country Store is not the center.  It may be the center of my universe, but it is not the County’s.

Musically, do you remember the Amboy Dukes?  Well, neither did I.  Nor was I aware that Cat Scratch Fever Man Ted was their lead guitarist when he wasn’t out shooting something:

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