Along Comes Marley

Yesterday morning Marley Cecile Ridgell was born to Caitie and Brady.  They provided these photos:

With the births of my previous Grandkids, I was there in the hospital’s waiting room.  However, yesterday, due to the hospital’s ban on visitors, I cooled my heels in the parking lot where I left them this on their vehicle:

Everybody is doing well and I can’t wait to see that girl when she’s back in the Second District.  

It brought back a sweet memory for me.  After the birth of my daughter Ryan, on my way home from the hospital, I remember hearing playing on the radio Isn’t She Lovely the Stevie Wonder song about his daughter’s birth.  To see if the radio gods would humor and favor me with a musical encore of Stevie’s tune, I tuned into one of our local channels for my ride back to the Point.  And while 97.7 The Rocket played some Duran Duran, AC/DC and Bob Seeger, no Stevie was to be heard.  It really was only rock and roll.   But here is Stevie anyway, even if I had to wait a day to hear it.

And since we’re talking birthdays, here are some notable ones coming up this month in the extended Buzzy family:  Robby Hall 3 July, Michelle Ridgell also 3 July, Sonney Forrest 7th, Timmy Marum 10 July, my Daughter-in-law Stephanie Ridgell on the 11th, Marcia Raley also on the 11th, Greg Cullison and Pam Birmingham the 14th, Karen White 17th, Chris Axtell 18th, my great niece Chesa Allen 18th, Herbie McKay 19th, Amelia (Madjeski) Ray the 22nd, Billyjo (BJ) Barnes-Miles 23rd, Steve Decker 26th, my step-daughter Jennifer Odell on the 27th and Ronny Yeatman on the 28th.  Ethan Davis 29th.

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