Why No Buzzy Smith Island Cruise Trip?

Someone  asked me in the Store if I was going to organize a Buzzy Smith Island trip.  I explained to him how years ago we had put together a Buzzy Smith Island Cruise where we pretty much filled the boat and in return they gave us a discounted group rate.  We did this for a couple of years and all went well until it didn’t.  Here’s a recap of what sank the Buzzy Smith Island Cruise and why there won’t be another one:

As noted, we did a couple of Buzzy cruises to the Island and in 2015 had another one all planned and booked.  However, the Cruise Bubbas cancelled us the week of the cruise when another group came along and offered to pay full price.   

It was a royal pain in my butt because after they informed me of our cancellation, I then had to notify all of the folks who had signed up for the trip.   Notifying my Buzzy friends, who are in the Store daily, wasn’t a problem.  However, I had to spend some time tracking down and notifying the several “non-regulars” who had signed up to go.  (Advice for any future sign up efforts you do – always get a phone number.)   

As I worked my way thru the dozen or so folks that I had to contact and explain all this to them, I recalled Buzzy’s business advice that wasting your time on something that you’re not making any money on, IS the ultimate waste of your time.  I got madder and madder and ultimately vented via a not-so-polite blogpost that I wrote (click here.)  Now that I re-read it, I am reminded of another Buzzy maxim about never do anything when you’re angry. 

All of which calls for a Who song.  (And no its not the World Health Organization.)  Although Horatio and the CSI boys tried very hard to ruin this tune by using it as their theme song, it still gets the job done.  As for how it pertains to politics and how the new boss is the same as the old boss, the Mark Twain quote comes to mind “If voting really mattered, they wouldn’t let you do it..”  Hey, wait just a minute, Mark may be onto something!<

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