Happy $7.11!

In honor of today being 7-11, here is a math puzzle I landed on after looking for info on the convenience store 7-Eleven.  (I was initially leaning towards discussing how 7-Eleven got its start and now has over 71,100 stores in 17 countries (click here.)  However, I got  side tracked once I landed on the following little exercise and spent some time trying to figure it out.  So I’ll save the history of the 7-Eleven stores for another day and dare you to try and wade thru the following brain teaser:

A guy walks into a 7-11 store and selects four items to buy. The clerk at the counter rings him up and informs him that the total cost of the four items is $7.11. The dude was impressed that the cost was the same as the name of the store and commented about it to the young clerk. The clerk informed the man that he simply multiplied the cost of each item and arrived at the total. The customer calmly informed the clerk that the items should have been added and not multiplied. The clerk then added the items together and informed the customer that the total was still $7.11.

What were the costs of each item?

Solving the problem gets complicated real fast.  After I wasted several minutes parsing thru it and trying to understand the solution, I’m still not sure how it all worked out and yet it did!  Check for yourself; but be ready to punch out after a minute or two and take them at their word (click here.)

Musically, did you know that 7-Eleven has its own theme song?  Guess I need to get busy getting Buzzy’s one!

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