In addition to the items I listed yesterday about things to do in South County this weekend, there is this dinner by the Sons of the American Legion.  

Also, a second followup has to do with yesterday’s music selection.  Initially I thought to conclude yesterday with a comment about how sitting on Buzzy’s front porch can be very relaxing and therapeutic for you.  I wanted to finish by quoting a lyric from a song “It never lets you down no no” and then play that song. 

However, try as I may, I could not recall what song it was that contained that lyric.  Despite my hearing the line playing in my head, I simply couldn’t think of who the artist who sang it was.  I tried the old Google machine and won’t tell you how much time I spent searching various lyrics and videos looking for it.  Finally, I gave up and went with the Sammy Hagar island song.

Later on in the day, I was in the Store stocking the beer case.  You can imagine how much it blew my mind when the radio’s Classic Rock DJ introduced his next selection as “Here’s one from Van the Man that will never let you down.”  

PS – Youtube’s description of the song recounts this about how Van came to write it: 

Often interpreted as a song about Morrison’s travels in America or a celebration of FM radio, Van explained that it is actually about the Voice of America, which is a radio service run by the United States government for political purposes. Morrison explained to Melody Maker in 1979 that he listened to the service when he was a kid. “It’s actually about Europe, because that’s where the station was. It came out of Frankfurt, and the first time I ever heard Ray Charles was on the Voice of America. We tried to get a tape recording of the Voice of America to put on the front of that track, but it didn’t work out. I didn’t get it by the time the album was due to be mixed. But I think it would have made it a lot clearer if the signature thing was on the front of it. It doesn’t click for a lot of people.”

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