Things to Do This Weekend

Now that Elsa is outta here, it looks like our weekend weather will be good.  St. Mary’s College has resumed their River Concert series and has a Summer Dance concert set for this evening. For more info, click link below.

River Concert Series: Summer Dance | St. Marys College of Maryland (

Tomorrow the Home Grown Market in Hermanville is open from 10-1:

On Sunday afternoon, the Knights of Columbus are holding their monthly chicken dinner.

Trossbach’s Produce Stand is open everyday and yes they do have some peaches for you:

(4) Trossbach Produce | Facebook

Also available both days this weekend are the Smith Island Cruises from Pt. Lookout.  My buddy Capt. Greg Madjeski, who takes turns with Capt. Jack Russell running the tours to and from the Island, says they have some room for you to hop on board and check the Island out (click here for more info.)

And speaking of islands, amidst all this activity in South County this weekend there is an island of tranquility where you can relax and watch the world go by.  What do you mean asking where is that?  I resemble that remark!

Musically, I guess Sammy and David Lee are still sniping at each other after all these years (click here.)  Come on dudes, life really is way too short for fussin’ and fightin’ and holding grudges.  Time for you two to move on isn’t it?

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