Rednecks, Alcohol and Fireworks – What Could Possibly Go Awry?

Someone made the comment that St. Mary’s County did not have any fireworks’ shows this year.   They were referring to the usual shows held at the College and/or the County Fairgrounds.  

However, I pointed out that thanks to the efforts of Bob Williams (above) at least Buzzy’s Country Store did have some fireworks on the 4th.  (Guess I should say “firework” as in singular!  Less really is more you know?!)

Video-wise, I don’t usually care for those FAIL videos that show folks falling and getting slammed.  However, there is one showing several 4th of July related mishaps that did make me laugh mostly because the Ridge boy in me recognized some of these redneck pratfalls as hitting a little too close to home as in – been there, done that and got the scar(s) to show for it.   (Video wouldn’t upload so (click here) to watch it.)

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