Selling Ice

And speaking of selling ice (my previous post on how 7-Eleven started out as an ice company) yesterday my Granddaughters Lily and Emma learned first hand of Buzzy’s wisdom and advice on how to sell ice.  

When I was a youngster learning to work the counter,  Buzzy taught me the mechanics of how to add up items that tourists and campers had selected and advised “Before you hit total,  always ask them if they need ice.”  

Today, whenever I do that and the customer responds “Yes, that’s one of the things I came in for.  Thanks for reminding me,”  I secretly smile and think of him  teaching me this.  (I once did a blogpost (click here) on how a young lady made some comment about me doing “suggestive selling.”  She had worked at a McDonalds where they instructed her to always conclude a sale by asking folks if they wanted fries with their meal.  I remember informing her that Buzzy was doing it long before they even had a term for it!) 

Just yesterday in the Store, my Granddaughters Lily and Emma were behind the counter when a customer placed some items to purchase on the counter.  As Buzzy did with me, I walked them thru the process on adding up the items and then inquiring about ice.  Lily asked me “Why do you do that?” At that very moment, the customer said “As a matter of fact I do.  I’ll take one bag.”  I responded to Lily “That’s why.”  

Lily and Emma Showing Off Their Pam Birmingham Ankle Bracelets

Reagan, Lily and Emma

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