Buy Local / Nothing But Locals

Tomorrow marks the start of Maryland’s Buy Local Week.  Take the pledge and go buy some local goods.

Speaking of things local, I was talking with my son Shea when I commented on the number of folks from over here in the Second District who will frequently make the trip down to hang out and spend some time at Buzzy’s.   I told Shea that I was always amazed and pleased that they would drive all the way down to Buzzy’s when they have so many other options closer to their homes.  

Shea noted “Well, that’s because the bars over here only have a couple of local people hanging out in ’em, whereas down at Buzzy’s, you got nothing but locals and people like that.”  (Leave it to Shea to go right to the heart of the matter.)

Music-wise, here’s a nice little story of how a local musician came up with a tune featuring local beers.  (To listen to the entire song (click here.))

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