The Summer Olympics – Why?

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My simple question “Why” of course has a simple answer –  “Money.” 

However, with all the Delta pandemic crap heating back up, there is no way that a super spreader event like the Olympic Games should have been scheduled.  Ok, so they banned the fans from attending, but yet are still allowing unvaccinated athletes to compete with each other and all that is supposed to be a smart move?  Even a boy from Ridge can see how dumb that is.  And here I always thought that the Japanese are supposed to be smart.  (That said, only 20% of all Japanese people have received their vaccinations, so they may not be as smart as everyone thinks they are (click here))

Back to money for a sec: with an estimated cost of over $20 billion (click here) surely there could have been a better excuse to piss away big money like that.  I could even make a case that the two rich B’s, as in Branson and Bezos, pissing their money away joy riding around in space was a better usage of coin than hosting some silly games half way around the world.  The Games were postponed once; why not just table them again for awhile?    

To tie this into Buzzy’s Country Store, and granted, Buzzy’s is not the most ideal place in the world to conduct a scientific survey of sorts, but I can usually judge the popularity or the interest in something based on the number of times that I overhear it mentioned in the Store.  To date, I have heard absolutely zero reference(s) to the Olympics and I do not expect to hear any in the future.  (Full disclosure here, I was never much of an Olympics fan to begin with save for when our Maryland boy Michael Phelps was kicking butt winning all those swimming medals.  Otherwise, I very rarely pay any attention to any of it covid or no covid.) 

However, it is not just me and my Buzzy friends who are uninterested in the Olympics, because overall interest appears to be down across the board from the general public (click here) to the betting folks (click here.)  It may tick up as the games progress but for now – no one cares.

Thus, this will be the Buzzyblog’s first, last and only mention of the waste of time, effort and money known as the Summer Olympics going down in Japan.  Here’s hoping that all those unvaccinated athletes returning back home after the games will quarantine a couple weeks before they spread the pandemic even more.  We’re talking 20 year old’s here, so don’t count on that to be the case.  Reminds me of that kid in the movie The Sixth Sense when he said “I see dead people.”

I was unaware that the Olympics Synchronized Swimming Event has been renamed the Artistic Swimming Event (click here.)  Why not have a synchronized dancing event?

Don’t miss Fred twirling on one foot (2:30) near the end.  How’d he do that?

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