Twofer Tuesday – Kramer/Trump – Two Against the Low Flow

In case you were caught up in those trivial news stories last week such as Covid’s resurgence (thanks mostly to all you brilliant anti-vaxxers out there,) our withdrawal (at last!) from Afghanistan and floods and fires everywhere, there was a really important story that went down – literally: Biden overruled (click hereTrump’s previous ban on low flow shower heads.  

With issues like this to be resolved, little wonder that nothing else is getting done in D.C. at this time wouldn’t you say?  However, I have to confess that somehow in the haze of 45’s greatness, I completely missed this bigger story where he had complained about and outlawed low flow shower heads (click here.)   

It turns out that the matter was previously the subject of a 1996 Seinfeld episode when Kramer too had some issues with the low flow.  Watch here:

Since it’s a twofer day, here is a “pressure”  music video for you – the Bowie/Queen song Under Pressure.  This is the tune that Vanilla Ice sampled and ultimately made into a landmark rock plagiarism case (click here.)
All of which reminds me that I have a vacant apartment for rent at Buzzy’s Country Store @ $800/month.  It is Buzzy’s former residence and is currently equipped with a low flow shower head.  However, if someone prefers the fast flow head, I can switch it out for them.  Whatever makes your boat or hair float!

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