Buzzy Access Ramp – A Collaborative Effort

 A few weeks back my Piney Point friends Bonnie and Jeff Davis visited Buzzy’s Country Store with her sister Jackie and husband Butch here from Texas.  Butch helped Jeff wheelchair his way into Buzzy’s by negotiating the lower porch step.  As they did so, Jeff suggested that I add a small ramp to make it easier for wheelchair access.  (Note: Jeff was in a terrible motorcycle accident several years ago and has been getting around via his wheelchair since then.)

Installing a ramp was something that I had previously thought about doing, but had just never gotten around to.  After my exchange with Jeff however,  I asked my Cousin JW to see what he could come up with to make it more wheelchair accessible in and out of Buzzy’s.  Pat Guy was present when we discussed this, and once JW confirmed that he could take care of it, Pat volunteered that Duncan Lepper had some scrap treated lumber that would be perfect for the job.  JW and Pat then drove down to the Duncan Lumber Yard and grabbed a couple pieces of wood that JW then carted away to his workshop.

Yesterday, JW installed the finished product.  Pictured here are the 3 Buzzy engineers who made the new access ramp a reality.  

But my ramp story doesn’t just end there.  You see, only a few hours after JW installed the ramp, I looked up to see a lady with a walker making her way up the Buzzy steps.   As I joked with Michele that she could have been the first to utilize the Buzzy access ramp, she said that she would do so when she left.  

Here then is Michelle making her way off the Buzzy porch using the JW-created access ramp.  
Buzzy Ramp’s First Usage

My thanks to JW, Duncan, Pat and Michelle for the Buzzy ramp being installed and being put to good use so quickly.  My thanks also to Jeff Davis for motivating me to finally get the ramp installed.  

The following video has nothing to do with access ramps, other than I stumbled upon it in my Youtube travels and thought it worth passing along.  

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