Every Dog Has His Day/Life

I still have folks visiting Buzzy’s Country Store and asking “Where’s the dog?”  I will also hear comments  such as “I remember coming in here and there was this big old dog hanging around.”  

They were of course referring to one of the 8 Bruno’s that Buzzy had hanging around as the Store’s mascot and accountant.  I say accountant because Buzzy would often ask Bruno if they had made enough money for him to buy a round.  If Bruno didn’t respond or walked away, Buzzy took that as a no and wouldn’t buy.  If Bruno wagged his tail and/or responded positively, Buzzy would then spring for it.   

“No Round Buzzy Until We Get the Rent Money”

I mention this because I overlooked a big day last week on 26 August – the celebration of National Dog Day.  When I heard that mentioned on the radio last Thursday my first thought was “Isn’t every day dog day?”  I have often thought that on the reincarnation ladder of coming back in a better state than you were in your previous life, to come back as a pampered pet would be a good way to roll.  (Reminds me of a cartoon I once saw of a homeless kinda guy walking along with his dog who had a thought bubble above him that read “Of all the owners that I could have had, how did I end up with you?!)

National Dog Day was the idea of a lady named Colleen Paige who came up with it in 2004.  She chose 26 August because that was the day her family adopted their Sheltie when Colleen was 10 years old (click here.)   

But speaking of reincarnation and St. Bernards, the movie A Dog’s Purpose was worth seeing.  However, if you do intend to watch it, be forewarned that this scene gives away the great ending.  Bet you tear up some watching it. 

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