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As with Kennedy’s assassination and 9/11, I will never forget where I was and what I was doing the moment I heard the awful news. Some moments will just stay with you forever and this was one of them.  

It was yesterday, 6 August around 4 o’clock in Buzzy’s Country Store when Johnny Carbone informed me that Charlie Watts would not be touring with the Rolling Stones due to a medical issue.  It completely floored me and took me a few minutes to process this terrible news.  However, as I was reeling from the news, thank God for my Number Uno Charlie as in Charlie Simms walking into the Store a few minutes later and restoring my faith in things Charlie.  

The Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts Leaves US Tour Over Medical Issue (

All of which leads me to ask why Mick and the rest of the boys would even go back out on the road without Charlie.  It’s not like they need the money is it?  I’m thinking there’s more to this story and whatever it is, it’s probably not good.  

Check out Jim Keltner here talking about drumming techniques in this video.  Note that at the 2:30 mark he mentions Steve Jordan who will be taking Charlie’s place on the Stones’ tour.

While the following may not be a good example of that hi-hat technique referred to above, still, it remains the best rock drum song ever.  (OK, Wipeout is a close second but you get my drift.)  On the cowbell here is another acclaimed drummer Jimmy Miller heeding the “we need more cowbell” maxim.   Charlie has been know to comment on his drumming here “Jimmy started off on the cow bell and I just joined in.”  (For more than you ever wanted to know about the drumming on this tune (click here.)  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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