Baseball at the 2/3’s Mark

Last time I talked some baseball with you  (click here) it was the midpoint of the season.  The Nationals were on a roll and  playing well having reached .500 at 40-40.  The Orioles were at 27-55 (.329) but were showing signs of improvement and clocked in at only the second worst team in MLB.   

Here at the 2/3’s point of the season, the Nationals have been so very disappointing that they have  given up and now stand at 50 and 61.  (Catholic school math, that means that since I last wrote in early July, the Nationals are 10 and 21.)

Thus, the Nationals’ powers-that-be made the decision to throw in the towel for this season and traded away 6 players, including Max, to build for the future.  (Note that they probably did Max a favor because with the Dodgers he stands a good chance of picking up another ring and maybe even a World Series MVP.  Not a prediction mind you, but remember where you heard it first when/if that eventuates.)  

The Nationals’ blowing things up like they did seemed a bit premature to me, but I guess their thinking was that they weren’t doing too hot with those guys on board so move them out while they can (click here.)  Still, early August seems the wrong time of year for a team as good as the Nationals were (on paper at least) to be talking about next year.

For the Orioles though, they are currently @ 38-71 (.349) but have been fairly consistent this year as in fairly-consistently-bad-but-getting-better-bad.  Thanks to the Diamondbacks (35-77 for .313) the O’s remain the second worst team in all of MLB.  But the O’s have been playing better ball and, unlike the Nationals, they chose to retain their core of good young players versus trading them away.  Most of the Orioles good players are under contract for next year so it made sense to keep them for next season versus trade them away now.   However, mark my words, next year when the O’s main guys are due some big bucks on new contracts, the O’s management will do what it usually does and dump ’em.  

The Orioles have a tough schedule the rest of this season because they play mostly their AL East opponents who are all above .500.  To date, the Orioles are 13-30 against their East opponents going 5-8 against the Yankees. 4-6 against the Red Sox, 3-6 versus Toronto but a miserable 1-10 when playing the Rays  (click here).  Why the Orioles can’t get it up for Tampa is a bit of a mystery.  I guess I could try and blame it on Tom Brady but the Orioles’ problems with the Rays pre-date even the Tomster’s time in Tampa so who knows?  

OK, time for the Buzzy’s Country Store pop in ad:  I’ll have both the Nats’ and the O’s  scheduled 1:00 o’clock games on the Buzzy T-V’s today.  Drop in and as they say root, root, root for the home team.  No Cracker Jacks at Buzzy’s but I’ll work on getting some.

Jason and Colby’s Lucky video has appeared here previously, but check out this version of it made even better with the Fly Me to the Moon intro, Jason’s mid-song whistle and Colbie’s voice perfect as always: 

And speaking of two as in two ball games, Happy Birthday to my youngest Grandson Stone who turns two today! Here he is thinking “I can’t believe I’m two!  And just who is this old geezer taking my picture?”

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