RIP Richard Jewell

Because I won’t be here at my trusty laptop this coming Sunday morning, I wanted to pre-post something for you here on the Buzzyblog.  (I can write a post, save it and schedule it to appear at a later date.) 

Looking for an event that occurred on the 29th of August, I pulled up “This Day in History” and was surprised to see the following:

This is Richard Jewell the security guard who was working at Atlanta’s Olympic Centennial Park when a pipe bomb exploded killing 1 person and injuring over 100 other people.  

Talk about an eerie coincidence: here, I have been discussing Atlanta stadiums the past couple days and how Turner Field was built for the Olympics in 1996.  

The bombing incident saw Richard really done wrong by the FBI, who in a rush to judgement moment, accused him of being their prime suspect for the bombing.  They did so despite the facts that Richard was really a hero at the incident in that he helped assist and tend to several folks who were injured during the bombing.  

Jewell was ultimately vindicated but not for several years.  The actual bomber turned out to be some abortion nutcase who hid out in the woods of North Carolina for several years before being arrested and then sentenced to life in jail (click here.)   Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes did a nice followup story on Richard in 2002 (click here.)   A Clint Eastwood directed movie was made about Jewell in 2019 (click here.)  I haven’t seen it yet but got it added to my watchlist.

As stated, Richard Jewell died at the age of 44 on 29 August (click here.)   

The soundtrack for the movie Richard Jewell contained this Kenny Rogers tune.  

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