Lawsuits But No Swimsuits

After being wrongfully accused of the pipe bomb crime, Richard Jewell (previous Buzzyblog post) filed and won several lawsuits against media outlets such as ABC, CNN and NBC and others (click here.)  

One of his lawsuits though was against the Atlanta Journal newspaper.  That case made it to Georgia Supreme Court who ruled in favor of the Atlanta Journal.  It was dismissed due to some legalistic mumbo jumbo about who is or who isn’t considered a public figure (click here if you are up for wading thru all of that splitting-of-hairs explanation.)   Bottom line translation – because Jewell was deemed a public figure, it was ok for the paper to slam him like they did.

In 2019 when the movie about Jewell was released, the Atlanta Journal very ironically, talked about suing Clint Eastwood for how they were portrayed in his movie (click here.)   While I found several articles on the paper either talking about or threatening to sue Clint, I never did find anything discussing how the matter was disposed of.  (The conspiracist in me leads me to conclude that it was all just a publicity stunt for the release of the movie.  You know how Clint rolls – go ahead and make my day.)   

Guess He Learned Very Young That It’s All About Chasing That Money

But hey, since we’re talking lawsuits here, did you see that the Nirvana-swimming-baby dude is now suing them for child porn?  (click here for story.)  I hear that Nirvana’s defense runs along the lines “Dude, we told you to Come As You Are.”

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