Twofer Tuesday – A Tale of Two Tats

Point No Point Lighthouse

Loghan Tabler was in Buzzy’s Country Store recently and showed me her tattoo of her Dad Jiffy and the Point No Point Lighthouse.  The following photo is from her FB page.  

Jiffy passed away in 2020 and Loghan later had Bullet’s Ink in Mt. Airy do this great tattoo in his memory.  Look closely below the Lighthouse and you’ll see Jiffy and his wife Lori in a boat fishing in the Bay.

Just last week Dollar General Ethan was in Buzzy’s when I spotted his Point No Point Lighthouse tattoo shown here.  Like Loghan’s, it too was on his left arm.

Ethan grew up seeing the Point No Point Lighthouse from his home on the Bay.  When it came time for him to get a tattoo he knew exactly what he wanted.  

How’s that for a Tattoo Twofer?  (Maybe I should introduce Loghan and Ethan to one another.)

Speaking of Lighthouses, isn’t it about time for our Pt. Lookout Lighthouse to reopen so we can check out all its recent renovations and upgrades?  

Kim Carnes is obviously best known for her Bette Davis Eyes tune.  According to Billboard, it was the biggest hit in 1981 and ranks second only to Olivia Newton’s Let’s Get Physical as the biggest hit in all of the 80’s.  In 1982 it won both Song of the Year and Record of the Year Grammy Awards. 

However, because of the overwhelming success of that song, Kim’s long career as a successful song writer and performer gets a little overshadowed by Ms. Bette.  (Kim seemed to predict it too with the song’s lyric “She’ll turn the music on you.”)   

But we’re talking Lighthouses here, so I’ll dial up another Kim tune for you that hasn’t received as much notoriety compared to Bette.  Nice tune here with the added advantage of some great photos of Kim who in my book had a whole lot more going for her than Bette Davis ever did.

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