Hand(s) of God

 Sunday reflection time so check out this great photo taken by Joan Bean.  

Whenever I see a nice view like this, I always think “The Hand of God.”  I don’t know where or why I picked up that association from such a view, but it will invariably run thru my mind whenever I see something like this.  Guess those 12 years of Catholic school will do that sort of thing to you whether you are aware of it or not.   Proving once again that you can never get above your roots.

On the other hand (sorry) if you google “hand of God” you will probably see the Michelangelo Sistine Chapel scene of God creating Adam:

Believe I prefer Joan’s view.

Football today and will have a couple of the games on the tube at the Store so ride on down.  “Be amazed at the friends you have here….”

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