Twofer Tuesday

Some duos that just popped up on the shelf of my country store:

Sol and His #1 Son-in-law At The Beach – I Know Full Well Whom I Better Call!

Two Ford Men – Gordon Aldridge and Herbie McKay (Note the Aldridge Ford Tag)

Charlie and Kim (A Double Twofer Because Each of Them Has Two Beers in Front of Them)

Two signs of the times:

Two silly but still funny memes:

Musically, I guess I should play the Stones’ Miss You tune with the Puerto Rican girls’ reference, but recognize that I have done so several times previously.  How about then I finish up my Leonard Cohen sampling with one of his early tunes from his first album?  It’s a song about a lady who at one time in his life was his lover, his muse and his best friend (click here for story.)  Think I am somewhat familiar with all that. 

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