Pint Sized?

Ran across this blurb for the Gridiron Grill’s last-Thursday-of-the-month event:

Seeing them advertise “Pints,” a couple thoughts came to mind:

1)   It got me thinking about the size of beer serving glasses and mugs in various bars.

Traditionally, most bars have served their draft beers in a 16 ounce mug.  I say traditionally because it used to be a standard that when one ordered a draft beer, it would be served up in a 16 ounce mug.  (Hence, the pint advertisement.)  

That said however, thru the years, bars and restaurants have been chintzing out on that standard and now many of them serve their draft beer in smaller sized mugs and various types of glasses.  (For more info on different types of beer drinking vessels (click here.)  Of course the bottom line for all this “downsizing” is the bottom line – less beer for the customer and more profit for the bars/restaurants.  

2)  The second thought that came to my mind when I saw the ad has to do with something relayed to me awhile back about the origins of the phrase “Mind your P’s and Q’s.”  I was informed that it came from the British pubs where folks would use a piece of chalk to mark up a slate board to record the number of pints and quarts that they were consuming.  The barkeep would occasionally have to remind folks to “Mind their P’s and Q’s.”  (Note that there seems to be some discussion as to whether or not this is the correct interpretation (click here for that explanation.))

All of this is not a problem at Buzzy’s because we don’t do any draft beers and serve only cans and bottles of beer.  As for keeping track of consumption at Buzzy’s then, it’s more a matter of minding your B’s and C’s (bottles and cans.)

Music followup to yesterday’s Leonard Cohen selection, here is a tune of his from his posthumous album released in 2019 Thanks for the Dance:

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