Here There and Everywhere

Some Sundays on the Buzzyblog I will attempt to do something reflective or semi-spiritual.  Today however is not one of those days.

Initially I was going to pen something about music being a religious experience.  I even found a good reference article on the subject with these excerpts to help me try and say what I wanted to say:

Why is Music a Religious Experience? | HuffPost Communities

However, that’s as far as I got.  Because it’s so nice out weather-wise, it got me thinking “Forget all this, let’s put in the earbuds, tune in some Miles, and go take a walk.”  Nature can be a religious experience too you know?!

I once read a critic who referred to Leonard Cohen as “Dylan with a darker side.”  This tune and video are a good example of why that description rings true:
While I am not about to claim that Buzzy’s too can be a religious experience, nevertheless, it does have a persona, a palpable spirit AND alcohol.  Couple beers and shots, I guarantee that you too will begin to experience “some measure of awe and reverence.” Come on down for it.  (And speaking of going down, I’m sure you caught those Bronx zoo gorillas in action.  Talk about a happy ending!)

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