Uber Great!

Took my first Uber ride from the Airport to downtown Atlanta Saturday.  As to why it has taken me so long to lose my Uber virginity, remember that I haven’t been anywhere in years, so my need to taxi somewhere has been at exactly zero.  I, of course had heard about Uber and knew of how they were challenging and screwing with the traditional taxi cab business model.  However, I had never actually used their services until this past weekend.  

Full disclosure here – I still haven’t personally used the Uber app because while in Atlanta,  my fellow travelers Brady and Charlie each had the app downloaded on their phones.  They were the ones who did all of the logging in and contacting drivers to take us where we wanted to go.  I was literally along for the ride but did get to experience first hand how well it works.

Charlie was using his son’s account and noted that his son had told him not to screw up his rating by being a “difficult” passenger.  Something that I was unaware of is that Uber has a rating system whereby not only do the passengers rate and evaluate the drivers, but also the drivers enter a rating of their passengers.  If the passengers’ rating is a lousy one, potential future drivers will be reluctant to respond to those requests knowing that the passenger is problematic.  I’m sure that the amount of the tip left might play a part in the driver’s rating too.

Another nice thing about the Uber rides we experienced while in Atlanta is that our drivers were very personable and informative.  They talked a lot about the city, where to go, what to do as well their experiences as Uber drivers and their personal history.  It was a nice change from the speak-little-to-no-English-taxi-cab experience.   

I made the joke to Brady and Charlie that once back home, I was going to buy some stock in Uber.  The little research I did on that matter came up with this Motley Fool article that says “Think twice before you do that”  (click here.)  I’m not that hip on things stock market-wise, but still think Uber is a great service.

It also reminds me of a lady in Buzzy’s Country Store awhile back who had her 16 year old son drop her off to have a few drinks and then later summonsed him to return and take her back home.  She referred to him as her Boober driver.  Maybe there’s a business op there – Boober for boozers at Buzzy’s.  We’ll call it the Triple B.

Lots of great taxi songs out there but the Taxi theme song was one of the best.  Check out Marilu talking about it and then listen for yourself.  Note the actors mentioned in the credits.  Was that not probably the best cast ever assembled for a sitcom?  And my favorite, Christopher Lloyd aka Jim, isn’t even mentioned in the credits. 

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