Car Show Redux/Finale

Some more photos and a video from Sunday’s event.  I made the video earlier in the afternoon before all of the 30+ vehicles eventually filled up the parking lot as shown in the photos below:

Brian Barnhill Photo

Brian Barnhill Photo

Ned Pratt Photo

First Arrivers – Jack, LP, David Adams, Charlotte Long, Donald Goddard and son Donald Jr. 

Jack and LP were the first to roll into Buzzy’s Country Store Sunday morning with their vehicles, but shortly afterwards my Second District neighbors and friends rolled in with theirs’.  I managed to catch all of them chilling on Buzzy’s Hill before things got crowded and chaotic later on in the day. 

I prefer and enjoy the “chilling” parts of the Buzzy Car Show much more so than I do the chaotic parts when the road show stuff begins.  After all these years, I am still not comfortable when the Buzzy Car Show gets “taken to the streets” and that becomes the focus as shown here in Brian’s photo:

As someone noted Sunday “Alcohol, rednecks and fast cars, what could possibly go wrong?”  Answer – a lot.  Thus, the 2021 Buzzy Car Show is, was and will be the last one.  It was real, it was fun, but it’s been done.   Yes, I think and say this every year right after the event, but this year it’s feeling like the plug has been pulled on the Buzzy Car Show.  We will do some Sunday car day(s) here and there thru the year, but no more of these in-a-gadda-da-vida shenanigans.  

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