First Buzzy Car Show

Someone in the Store the other day asked me when was the first Buzzy Car Show.  Whenever I get asked this question it always makes me pause  because it brings up a bittersweet memory for me.  Here’s why.

The first Buzzy Car Show in 2009 wasn’t even the main reason for the event as seen in the flyer here.

Flag Day, 14 June that year fell on a Sunday and therefore it seemed like a good day to install the new flag pole and have some cars on hand while we did so.  However, Buzzy passed away on 9 June causing me to cancel the event. 

It was eventually held a month later.   Here is my next-day recap of that first Buzzy Car Show even though it wasn’t officially named a car show (click here.)  Note too that we originally featured cars and bikes but I soon learned that the motorcycle bubbas took up way too much room. (There’s a “hog” joke/pun to be made in there somewhere.)  In subsequent years, I held it to cars only.)

Another memory I have of that first car show is Capt. Jimmy Cullison and several helpers putting the flag pole up just as a thunder storm was approaching.  Here is a shot of Joey Porter pointing over at the lightening that was starting up as Jimmy and company were installing the pole.   

I remember my Piney Point Postmaster Brenda Elwood, who was in the Bushmill Band performing at the event, telling me the Monday after the event, “J. Scott, that was pretty exciting watching all you Ridge boys putting that flag pole up with the thunder storm rolling in.”  Had to agree with her.

The rain today is supposed to hold off so swing by later if you can.  Note that we won’t be trying to put up any flag poles.

The popular take is that Fogerty wrote this tune about Viet Nam but he has also said it was more about him playing at Woodstock watching everyone partying in the rain.  Pretty cool that the song could have two such different interpretations wouldn’t you say?

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