Red, White and Blue at Buzzy's


Photo by Jan Kiger

At the Buzzy Car Show I usually try and ensure that the 3 vehicles right in front of the Store are red, white and blue.  A couple Sundays ago Jan Kiger took this photo of 3 trucks that just happened to roll into Buzzy’s for a visit and randomly parked as you see above.  The white one is Jan’s 59 Ford Little Mary named after her Mom (click here for that story.)   The red truck is LP’s 51 Ford and the 57 Chevy belongs to someone who was just riding by and pulled in.   

All of this is just a round about way of me telling you that there will be some cars and trucks of many colors tomorrow at Buzzy’s Country Store.  Parking may be a little tight so car pool with friends if you can. 

And speaking of little country stores, ok, I wasn’t really but I do so enough to justify passing along this great Alan Jackson tune that sure rings true and hits a little too close to home:

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