Hot Times at Buzzy’s

Buzzy’s A/C said sayonara Thursday as the compressor motor froze up and won’t operate.  Not so coincidently, I had been in the planning stages of replacing the heating and a/c unit in the Store.  I say not-so-coincidently, because I have known for sometime now that the unit, old as it is, was on borrowed time.  Still, I was hoping to eke out another heating season and do the overall replacement next spring.

Adam Smith is Wayne Boothe’s Heating and Air estimator and several months ago had written me up a proposal to replace the unit.  When I called him Thursday morning to re-visit the matter, he immediately drove down to the Store to see what I was dealing with and to update his original estimate.  

Adam informed me that the replacement cost for the unit and his original estimate has now gone up several hundred dollars due to Covid-related issues of equipment and material costs.  However, he consulted with Wayne and they came up with an overall discounted price which I appreciate them doing. 

I can hear Buzzy admonishing me for not replacing the unit sooner and hence now having to pay more to do it.  Then again, knowing how Buzzy operated, he probably would have kept nickel-diming the unit by doing minor repairs to it until it crapped out completely.   Looking at the approximately five figure replacement cost, I debated only replacing the A/C’s compressor motor.  However, I recognized that because the furnace is down to 70% efficiency and the overall unit as old as it is, now is the time to go ahead and replace the entire system.

Good news is that Adam told me they could do the replacement and install this coming Monday.  When I commented on how quick that was, he noted that they currently have 14 jobs awaiting parts so his crew is available to work on my job.  All of the equipment for my job is in stock.   

With no A/C, the Store has been and will continue to be a little uncomfortable until the new unit is up and running.   Fortunately, the outside temps and weather have been pleasant enough that you can sit out on the porch and not care about the lack of A/C in the Store.  Knocking back a couple cool beverages assists in all that too. 

Glenn Frey  is most noted for his work as a founding member of the Eagles but he also had a very successful solo career.  Heat is On was featured in the movie Beverly Hills Cop and was huge hit for him.    

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