Pearcy's General Merchandise

The other day I showed an Alan Jackson video, The Little Man, that contained a scene where he was playing in front of a small store named Pearcy’s.  Naturally, it piqued my interest so I hit the old search engine and tracked Pearcy’s down.

It is located south east of Nashville in Lascassas, Tennessee.  According to their FB page (click here) Pearcy’s is an Agricultural Service.  They describe themselves as follows:

(I think they probably meant “hardware” but regardless, you get the idea of what they are offering.)

Their FB photos section contains numerous photos such as these:

Their FB page also includes this painting shown here that depicts their old front porch.

Musically, it seems I’m on a roll when it comes to the song With a Little Help From My Friends.  My friend Kim Wiley informed me that the tune was performed just Wednesday night at the Country Music Awards show.  Here for you, and I promise you, the last version of this song that I will pass along:

P.S. for a good article on the state of today’s country music scene (click here.)

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