Twofer Tuesday – Two Weekend Events

This past weekend I attended Tammy and Brian Shaw’s wedding on Saturday and then a Ravens’ football game on Sunday.  Given how each of these events fell exactly 24 hours apart it allowed me to do some mental comparisons of the similarities and differences in attending both these events back to back.

First the similarities.  Both events had a starting time of 1:00 o’clock each day and involved having an invitation/ticket to attend.  Both required some travel to get to and from.  Both were outside (albeit one on St. Jerome’s Creek in Dameron and the other one in a stadium up in Baltimore.)  

Harley, Todd (Tammy’s brother,) Tammy, Sara Brenzo, Brian and His Son Jamie

Shea at “The Bank”

Both involved mixing and mingling with folks before, during and after the ceremonies.  While I knew many people at the wedding, I didn’t know anyone other than Shea at the game.  But everyone at both events watched and cheered for the home team – Tammy and Brian at the wedding and of course the Ravens in B’more.   Both events had food and refreshments and both were great times on two beautiful fall days.

Now for the dissimilarities.  For the wedding, the invite specified “casual attire.”  Even so, I had to dress up some and try to look as presentable as I can at this advanced age in my life.  On the other hand, for the football game it doesn’t matter how you appear even to the point where the more you are dressed down the better off you are.  

Second big difference – while going and getting to Tammy and Brian’s wedding was very easy and enjoyable, the football game was not so much.  (Pam and I had the added pleasure of having Charlie Simms ride along with us to the wedding.  Any time spent with and talking to Charlie is time well spent.)

The 2 hour drive to B’more Sunday was one thing, but on top of that I worried about parking and whether or not my Stub Hub-purchased tickets would actually get us in.  Because this was my first Stub Hub experience, I didn’t fully trust the process just because I’m an old school foggy who wants my paper tickets in hand when going to an event. 

It turned out that my worries were for nothing as Shea and I got in without a problem.  There were even a couple young ladies roaming around the entrance gates sporting “Digital Ticket Assistance” signs knowing there would be rubes like me who didn’t know what we were doing.

Another big difference in the two events is that Tammy and Brian later brought the wedding party to Buzzy’s Country Store to continue their celebration.  My thanks to them for having their reception and first married party at Buzzy’s!  

Following the football game, Shea and I drove home after a very long day with a stop at McDonalds for a cheeseburger dinner.  (I thought about Tammy and Brian having Mission Barbeque cater their event.)  But it was all good!  Both events were great fun and I had a great time attending them. 

A weekend to remember and my thanks to Jennifer, BJ and Chris for watching the Store for me while I did all this fun stuff.

And speaking of twos, here are Bruce and Stevie on it with a nice wedding song for Tammy and Brian:

2 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday – Two Weekend Events

  1. You are too sweet. Thank you for attending, to you and Pam. We couldn’t have ended our night any better than to end it at Buzzys. Many thanks for everything youve done for us. We love you

  2. You are too sweet. Thank you for attending, to you and Pam. We couldn’t have ended our night any better than to celebrate our happiness at buzzys. Many thanks for everything you have done for us. We love you!!!

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