What is the difference between a man on a bicycle wearing a tuxedo and a man on a unicycle wearing a hoodie and sweatpants?

When I ordered some Buzzy hats recently, I also got a couple of Buzzy hoodies just to see if folks would like them.  Turns out that they were a big hit and I now have several requests for additional ones.  

However, what I didn’t know nor appreciate about hoodie preferences is that there is a bit of a controversy as to which is better – the zip up or the pullover.  The following is an excerpt from an extended article on this very important matter/debate:

To read the entire article (click here.)   If any of you are interested in a Buzzy hoodie let me know what size and color and of course whether you prefer the zip up versus the pullover.

Looks like Hey Violet’s ex was a zip up kinda hoodie dude.  Can’t believe he left it with her.  Maybe it was his price to pay to get away from her.

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