McCoy/Feicht Family Reunions at Buzzy’s

As I drive down to Buzzy’s Country Store each day I have my mandatory chores and things I need to think about such as what items I need to order/re-stock, what ongoing project(s) I want to try and work on and of course who may or may not be coming into the store on any given day.  In addition to those daily mental checklists,  I will also think about what upcoming events I need to be working on such as the Buzzy Christmas Party set for 18 December.  As I thought about this yesterday, I remembered “I got to put up the Buzzy Christmas decorations.”

Thus, yesterday at the Store when I saw that I was ok stock wise and then was in the process of rolling out the Christmas junk, Brian informed me that we had a bunch of folks about to roll into the Store.  Turns out that it was several members of  the McCoy family who were down celebrating Thanksgiving at their home place St. Gabriel’s Manor directly behind Buzzy’s.  They had walked out to the Store to say hello and chill for awhile. I was able to grab this photo of them on the Buzzy front porch.

Back row l-r: Mike, Meaghan, Thomas, Kevin, Patrick, Eileen, Front row – Toria and Casey

(A second group of McCoy family members also dropped by a little later including Uncle Jody but I missed getting any photo’s of them.  Next year I’ll do better on that.)

In my defense however, by the time the second group of McCoy folks visited Buzzy’s, we were full of Feichts as in members of the Feicht family.  (There is a joke in there somewhere about the Feichts and the McCoys a la the Hatfields and the McCoys but I can’t quite nail it down just yet.)  

The Feicht family hosts their Thanksgiving reunion at Peggy’s Scotland Yards this year taking up 3 of her residences.  A trip to Buzzy’s is always on their itinerary.  Since yesterday just happened to be Paul Feicht’s 62nd birthday, we celebrated it accordingly: 

Cake Courtesy of Kim Willey – Thank You!

As Paul blew out his candles he noted that the candle numbers were reversed and that he was really only 26.   The calendar in the background shows 26 was also yesterday’s date.  How’s that for a numerological coincidence?

So it made for a great afternoon at Buzzy’s.  Note too that Buzzy’s version of Black Friday involves partying and very little shopping.  And here I was  thinking about and planning for the Buzzy Christmas party in a couple weeks when 2 impromptu ones went down with no planning nor prep and it was all good.  Like someone once noted “You go to Buzzy’s and you never know when a party is going to break out.”  (This is a variation on the “I went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out.”  See?  Maybe I did mange to work that Fight-Feicht reference in after all!) 

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