Sting and St. Augustine

For your Sunday meditation, read about St. Augustine and then listen to Sting’s song about him below.  Sting explains his St. Augustine in Hell story as follows: 

Sting – Saint Augustine in Hell Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

And here is the tune: 

Note: the devil concluding his mid-song remarks by saying “Break’s over” and laughing is a reference to the punchline of an old joke where a man is sent to hell and the devil gives him three alternatives. The first two choices are bad but in the third, the man sees people waist deep in dung yet they are drinking coffee. The man figures this one is not as bad as the others, so he chooses it as his fate for the rest of eternity.  He then hears the devil announce, “OK! Coffee break’s over! Now back on your heads!”

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