Things to Do

Couple South County items for you to check out. 

Rummage Sale at the Ridge KoC today 8 to noon.

Sunday Nov 21 Peggy is having a Chef Tasting Dinner.  For more info click on link below. 

Chef Tasting Dinner at Pier 450 | St. Mary’s County MD Tourism (


But THE event that you do not want to miss is going down today at Buzzy’s Country Store where we will be toasting and celebrating Tommy Courtney’s birthday.  (At least that is the going in plan.)  Tommy’s consigliere Bob Mann is out of the country and passed the “Pick Tommy Up and Bring Him to Buzzy’s” tasking to me.  I have cleared it with Julie and plan to pick Tommy up around 3:30 later today and bring him down to the Store.  As always however, it depends on whether or not Tommy is up for it.

Another video from the excellent Daryl’s House series featuring Styx’s Tommy Shaw:

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