Twofer Tuesday – Communion Twice in One Day?

This from an old post on St. Michaels’ Church I did back in 2015:


Walking out of St. Michael’s Church yesterday morning following my Mom’s Memorial Mass, my sister Lila said something about receiving Communion twice in one day.   She had not gone to Communion at Mom’s Mass because she would later be attending Mike Raley’s funeral Mass.  

I made some flip comment about not being allowed to receive it even once because I am divorced and remarried.  Too, I added that I thought somewhere along the line I had heard that they had changed the “no two” rule.

Later at Mike’s funeral Mass, as folks made their way up the aisle to receive Communion, I got to wondering about the “can only go once” restriction.   I wondered how and why that had become something you are not supposed to do and whether or not it is still a thing?     

Well, the couple of websites that I just consulted seemed to say that while once-a-day is still the preferred norm, folks can indeed go twice a day in “special circumstances.”  Weddings and funerals are specifically mentioned as a special circumstance (click here.)   So who says the Catholic Church never changes?

And as to why this rule was ever mandated in the first place it has to do with God’s grace received via Communion as being so significant that you didn’t need a second hit of it.  This was something that Toni Tennille obviously didn’t agree with:

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