Twofer Tuesday – Couple of General Stores in Maine

Since it’s a Twofer Tuesday, let’s head north and visit two general stores up in Maine.  These two were brought to my attention by my buddy Mike Curran who has a cottage and vacations in Maine.  He informed me about these two  stores in the area that he visits.  To get you semi-oriented, check out my marked up map of Maine:

My crooked arrow points out Port Clyde where the Port Clyde General Store is located.  A little further up the shoreline, between Camden and Belfast, is the Lincolnville Center General Store that I will also be talking about.  

First, here is a look at the Port Clyde General Store:

Port Clyde General Store is part of an overall complex Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine, featuring a marina, restaurant and a bar. The Store itself serves as one stop shop for locals, tourists and transient sailing folks for all of their needs.   Visitors to the Store have been known to run into Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts roaming around inside as he has a home on a nearby island.  (Funny story here on his getting to and from Port Clyde in his boat (click here.)

Here is how the Port Clyde Store folks describe themselves:

Port Clyde General Store then is a very busy place year round.  Mike told me that their liquor business rocks because folks from  the surrounding islands will purchase several cases of booze at a time to ensure that  they don’t run out.  Port Clyde General is not your typical, quiet little seaport town store. (I am thinking that it sounds somewhat similar to Nick’s of Clinton only with a restaurant and a marina to boot.)

The Lincolnville Center General Store on the other hand appears a little more laid back and in tune with the small time country store vibe. 

 I found this older photo of it:

Today the Store is owned by Jon Fishman the drummer for Phish.  He purchased the Store in 2017 and has succeeded in bringing it back to life after it had been shuttered and closed for several years (click here for that story.)

For those of you not familiar with Phish, they are a jam band who, like the Grateful Dead, have managed to attract and keep a loyal fan base while consistently making some great music (albeit music you need to “be in the mood” to hear if you get what I mean.)  Here is a good sample, literally, of their music:


Thank you, Ryan.

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  1. Working at a toxicology lab is proof that everything comes full circle 😂 I love stopping at country stores when I travel, never know what you’ll run into.

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