War and Marriage

I was saving this history lesson to pass along to you on November 27 when Ohio State and Michigan play each other in their annual football rivalry.  However, because I don’t have anything else to say today and this one is already in the oven ready for Buzzyblog primetime, here it is a couple weeks early.

Most folks regard the OSU/Michigan football rivalry as the greatest college football rivalry.  It started in 1897 but the bad feelings between the two states go back to 1835 when something called the Toledo War saw them fight over their states’ boundary lines (click here)
To read the rest of the story The Toledo War


Here is a nice little pick-you-up song.  As for how authentic this was, I found this article stating that at least 2 of the weddings were indeed real events.  Watch the video to see if you can pick out which two before you read the article.  (Hint:  the WTF bride at the 3:22 mark did seem to be genuinely surprised.)

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