Leonardtown Veterans Day Parade

Found this excellent video of the 2016 Leonardtown Veterans Day Parade set to a nice little tune by a “long gone daddy in the USA:”

Here is some irony for you.  I always think of my buddy Robby whenever I hear Bruce’s line “Got in a little hometown jam.” That is exactly what happened to him when he got in a little scuffle, was arrested for it and had to appear before Judge Mattingly.  For his sentencing, Robby was told by Judge Mattingly “Since you like to fight so much I am sending you somewhere that you can do all the fighting you want.” That somewhere was Viet Nam the subject of Bruce’s song. 

So what’s so ironic about all of that?  Robbie’s scuffle that got him arrested occurred right on the corner of Duke’s Bar where the above 2016 parade video was filmed. Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do.

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