Annual Blue Balls Ride to Buzzy's

The 4th Annual Blue Balls Motorcycle Ride to Buzzy’s on the last day of the year and the first day of the new year will be held again this year after Buzzy’s was closed last year due to the pandemic.  

However, pandemic or no pandemic and even if Buzzy’s was closed last year, Pam and Pat Birmingham continued the tradition as shown in these photos and discussed in a Buzzyblog post (click here:)

This year, Buzzy’s will be open.  At 2 pm we’ll have a round to warm everyone up for their return ride home.  If you can’t make it by 2, drop in anytime.

After yesterday’s Twisted Sister Christmas tune, let’s roll another one from them, this biker tune that was rated the 12th best one of all time (click here and scroll down.)

PS – The Abate folks sponsor their Blue Balls and Boobs Ride later on next year.  With the late January cold weather, the event may just live up (down?) to its name.

PS PS – Today is Pat Birmingham’s birthday so swing by Buzzy’s later on to have one on him.

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